How Long Will My Wig Last?

What makes one wig more expensive then another?

The price of a wig is greatly determined by two factors: Hair Quality and Cap Construction.

Hair Quality

Let’s start with hair quality. The hair used varies from company to company. Jon Renau, Raquel Welch & Hair U Wear all use a 50/50 blend of Asian and Indian hair. When using Asian or Indian hair, companies often remove the cuticle from the strands to create a smoother strand of hair. While this makes hair less coarse it also comprises the integrity of the hair, giving your wig a shorter life. Follea wigs are made from 100% premium European hair. This is the absolute best grade of hair that is available in the world. The texture is healthy and smooth and their premium European hair has the cuticle intact. Their wigs are all hypoallergenic and hand tied. The superior quality of the hair will increase the cost of the wig but also increase the life of the wig when cared for properly.

When you, a friend or a loved one are in need of a wig, it is important to consider the natural hair’s texture as well as the texture of the wig. Hair that is of Asian or Indian origin will have larger strands and a coarser texture. Follea will always be lighter, silkier and move more easily. All of the brands offered at Tousle by Dupres are top quality but their hair texture and density will vary and these differences will be reflected in the price.

Cap Construction

The second consideration is cap construction. Some wig styles have clever features  added to their caps to make them more comfortable, breathable and stay on more securely.  In some wigs, very thin pieces of silicon are added to provide extra grip, but  for some guests, too much silicone may make their head too hot, while too little silicone may cause the wig to slide. Adjustable tabs may also be added above the ears to help create a secure, customized fit. For some guests,  the ends of the tied hair poke through the wig cap and irritate their scalp. French caps have an extra layer of very thin and breathable fabric between the hair and the lining so that the hair never touches the scalp & irritation never occurs. These subtle differences  create a comfortable wearing experience and should be considered prior to investing in a wig.